Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Top 5: F-cked Up Stories

There are so many weird stories from 2010...but these are the select few that I remember hearing and being abnormally shocked...

Well this was just weird...not that someone got stabbed in the theatre, because I am sure that happens all the time (in Compton)...but because they stabbed him with a meat thermometer.

The girl that solved the Wheel of Fortune puzzle with one word. I still think this betch was cheating, but whatever.

I think this was probably the most disgusting piece of news of 2010. The man that found a dead rat cooked in his loaf of bread.  Don't worry happened in the UK.

How is this even possible. One of the most beloved children's writers of all time is a coke head. I was blown away by this revelation...although it did help me make sense of his ability to write such BS as "I'll Love You Forever", ha ha. Jokes.

Ryan Reynolds is a free agent! Ryan Reynolds could be my substitute husband! Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johanssen announced their split in December only a month after Ryan was announced as the sexiest man alive. Scarlet should have tried to fix that shit. He is waaay to good for her.  This is the most shocking and the BEST news of the year.


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