Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Top 5: Canadians

Obviously there are more than 5 Canadian's that are fan-friggin-tastic, but only 5 will make this list per year.

Justin Bieber
Gotta give some love to the Biebs. He may have single handily put Canada on the map for tweens all over the world. One of the most searched people, tweeted about people, and can cause I mall riot like none you have ever seen. It was the year of the Biebs.

Sidney Crosby
Each Gold medal winner of this year Olympics could have made this list, but only one person scored the game winning goal in the gold medal game against our biggest rival, the USA...that person was Sid (assisted by Iggy).

Ryan Reynolds
This was a big year for Ryan. He started filming the Green Lantern, which will most definitely put him on the map like he has never been before, he was named the Sexiest man alive AND he divorced his wife, which freed him up to one day marry me. It was a good year.

Rachel McAdams
I like to refer to Rache as Canada's sweetheart. I think she would have made this list regardless if she did nothing this year, but she was in Morning Glory, which I heard was great.

Dan Levy
Ah Dan.  Basically Mr. Levy made this list because the After Show is over and I don't know what his plans are...he may never be eligible to be on this list again. (And Holido's and Don't was the best Christmas special ever).


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