Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Top 5: Big Stories of the Year

There were a lot of big stories this year...but to me these were the biggest pieces of news of 2010.  Honorable mention going to the BP oil spill.

The Earthquake in Haiti
It rocked the country and it brought out the big swingers to raise money to help. It also brought together Canadian singers to do a special version of Ka'naans Wavin' Flag...which I know everyone ended up hating because it was over played TO DEATH, but it was still great. (Would have been better with Celine, but I am not complaining).

Team Coco vs. Team Leno
NBC decided in January that Jay was shitting bed in prime time with his new show...and they wanted to bump Conan to a later time slot to accommodate Jay. Conan said bullshit and left the network after getting a pretty sweet severance....he then went on tour where he went to many places, including a tent outside of Edmonton (where I saw him). TEAM COCO ALL THE WAY. He then started his own show no TBS. Jury is still out on that one.

Wikileaks have been around for a long time, but this year the biggest leaks yet have come out and founder Julian Assange was charged for some sex crime that he claims he didn't do and this is the govs way of attacking him and trying to shut down his organization. With the leaks has come international debates about how transparent the government should be.

Bieber Fever
This is not an event per say, but how can you not recognize the absolute ridiculousness that surrounds the 16 year old Canadian singer. The Biebs has created a tween phenomenon that, if it holds out, could one day be compared to Beatlemania.  He had an amazing year....winning awards, selling crazy amounts of albums, selling out stadiums, causing riots and squashing the Jonas Brothers into obscurity.

The 2010 Olympics
It was the year Canadian patriotism came to be. A record 13 gold medals, Canadians celebrating in the streets and Sydney's goal to win the men's the gold medal. It was a fantastic time for Vancouver and for Canada.


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