Monday, November 29, 2010

Top 5: Lesser-Known Canadian Musicians/Bands

This is a shout out to some lesser known Canadian artists who I like and think you may love.

I have three tiers of Canadian musicians...there is the first tier which is the international pop successes of Celine, Biebs, Avril, Buble and the likes of Nicklebarf.  Tier two holds some of the finer gems such as Arcade Fire, Feist, Broken Social Scene, City and Colour etc. Then there is tier three which holds everything else (that is don't get into a tier if you suck).

Tier three sometimes gets ignored...especially on days when Justin Bieber goes out in public or sends a new tweet, but today I want to recognize a couple of the tier three folks who are very close to or straddling the fence between tier 3 and 2...and one day they may go on to challenge Biebs for the title of all time world domination...just kidding, none of these people will arouse the cougs like the Biebs...but none the less, they are good. Please do listen.

Dan Mangan
Vancouver, BC
Dan Mangan has been kicking it for a while and he has definitely been making progress. He does look a tad bit like Seth Rogen, (another VanCity native) but slightly cuter. That may be the most unfortunate thing I have ever written.

Hey Ocean!
Vancouver, BC
This is one of the bands straddling the fence between tier 3 and 2. If you have heard of Hey Ocean! you will probably wonder why they are on this list...but if you haven't...well, get it together. Love.

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
Calgary, AB
Gotta love MBF. Since this kid is a Calgarian I have obviously done a post or two about him before, but it doesn't hurt to re-introduce greatness to the masses.

Robyn Dell'Unto
Hamilton, ON
I just recently came to know Ms. Dell'Unto's work and a quite enjoy her. This music video is absolutely ridiculous...which I also love.

Two Hours Traffic
Charlottetown, PEI
My favey fave song from this band is Heroes of the Sidewalk...but they don't have a video for this one will do. Since they are from PEI I think that they should do a song in ode to Anne of Green would be a massive hit in Japan.

I was trying to spread the love a little across provinces...I know there are TONS of other bands out there that are just as good, if not better, than the ones listed. I am always on the look out for new tunes so if you think of anyone that I may have missed/didn't know about please post the in the comments section!!



  1. THT whoop! i'm taking credit for that one.

  2. I really enjoyed this Hey Ocean Video! Great!!

  3. Always love to see Hey Ocean! on a list. :)

  4. Have you heard of Mother Mother or Sweet Thing? Two more amazing Canadian bands!


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