Monday, November 29, 2010

Recap: The Buried Life Finale

In the season 2 finale of The Buried Life the boys are out to Make a Million Dollars.  To start out they sell out to Pizza Hut in order to get some sponsorship money.  They get $100,000.00 to start and they split it up 4 ways.

Ben goes to the race track and tries to win big and loses it all.

Dave befriends a fashion designer and tries to sell unitards...they look pretty cool, but he only sells enough to make $10,000.00, but he spends his original capital on a in the end he loses $15,000.

Jonnie decides to f-ck off and not spend any of the money instead he goes and helps some kid find a house for his homeless dad. WTF. He totally missed the point of the exercises, but comes back with more than Ben and Dave combined.

Business graduate Duncan takes his money to the stock market and puts it all on gold and catches t he first break of the group.  He comes back with $90,000 which makes the grand total of the group $125,000 (only $25,000 more than what they started).

So they need to make their $125,000 $1 they head back to the place of the worst mistake of Dave's life...Vegas.  They convince a casino to let them make a $125,000 bet on roulette...they just need 3 correct bets and they meet their target.

They go into the casino wearing the tackiest Hawaiian shirt I have EVER seen.  I could pretty much tell you right then that there is no way they were walking away with the money. They got their first bet right and then the second bet....BAM. They picked black, it landed on red....and all the money was gone. Failure.

Then Duncan let's out a secret...he actually made $140,000 in his stock run and so they still have $50,000...then the owner of the casino gives them $50,000 for charity.  So they didn't make a million, but they ended up giving $100,000 to the world food program. Awesome. I would have rather they made a million, but people have got to eat right.

So there you have it. The Buried Life is done for another season. I am not sure if that was the right episode to end off on...but it was entertaining non-the-less.

Until next season...


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