Monday, November 29, 2010

Barbara is Fanscinated

Barbara Walters announced 8 of her 10 most fascinating people of 2010...I actually agree with most of them, except one. Jennifer Lopez. Really Barb?

Other peeps chosen by Barb are:

Kate Middleton - Prince William's Barb put this list together last week...
Sarah Palin - fascinating in that she is RIDICULOUS
Justin Bieber - well obvs.
Sandra Bullock - oh Sandy, we love you
Lebron James - some call him the next Jordan...others call him Traitor
Betty White - it IS fascinating that she is still alive
The Cast of Jersey Shore - this was a no brainer

She is going to be announcing the last two during her special on December 9th. And now the question is...who will it be...I have a couple of guesses:

Julian Assange - founder of Wikileaks. Bad ass.
Brett Michaels - how is this guy still famous? How f-cking fascinating is this?
Conan O'Brien - He get's fired, and is now getting paid to bash his old boss AND is bigger than ever.
Mel Gibson - I am fascinated by his f-ckery.
Jane Lynch - she brought back the track suite. I didn't think that could ever happen. (or the entire cast of Glee)
Oprah - 25th year and starting her own network.



  1. Well I don't know if I agree with you on Jane bringing the track suit back. Definitely to North America though, but there are parts of the world cough *England* where that never went out of style. But yeah Jennifer Lopez, like is she just fascinating because she's the only human that finds skeletons attractive so she married one?

  2. Where do they get off thinking that only celebrities are interesting people. I am getting tired of this CRAP!!!!! There are people who really do great things in this world where are they? What the Hell is it with the idiots from Jersey Shore! OOOOh this makes me sooo angry. Someone needs their head read.


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