Monday, October 4, 2010

CIFF 2010: In Review: Daydream Nation

I  loved this film. Every emotion that one could have in ten different genres of film can be expressed while watching Daydream Nation. I have struggled with writing this review because I liked the movie so much I was afraid that I would f-ck it up...then of course I did because I was concentrating so hard on making it perfect and it all just fell to shit.

Was it Kat Dennings in another amazing performance (I have never hated anything she has ever done...I may be biased)? Was it the glorious soundtrack that I will actually buy when it finally gets made (like for LimeWire garbage)? Was it the fantastic Canadian cast minus Andi MacDowell, Josh Lucas and Ms. Dennings?  Or was it that the main teenage boys name was Thurston and for the first half of the film I thought it was Thursden and I was thinking back to my Thursday night Den glory days.  Ok the last one is definitely not it...I use the term "glory days" loosly when talking about the Den. Shudder*

I think it was a combination of all of the above. Now I am trying to think how to articulate this to you...that is even tougher.  Thank GOD I recorded the Q and A with writer and director Michael Goldbach (who was actually a really funny guy).  His description of the connection of music and the film says everything I want to say...but more precisely to the point and definitely in a more articulate fashion.

"I listened to the album Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth a lot when I was writing this. What I really like about that album is that it can be very ambient and dreamy and beautiful and then it can swerve and become very violent and atonal and hard on the ears...and that's exactly what I wanted with this movie.  A kind of bio-polar feeling of moving back and forth between moods....and also I thought I could meet Sonic Youth maybe one day?"

Yes. That is it. Exactly.  I have nothing else to say...except for: watch of for Reese Thompson, the Vancouver boy who played Thurston...I feel good vibes.

Verdict: 4.6 Stars


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