Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who's That Girl: Ksenia Solo

You may have seen this girl around on small bits here and there and most recently as Natasha, the delinquent foster child who is best friends with the main character (Lux) on the CW's Life Unexpected.  She is also going to be in the upcoming weird ass movie starring Natalie Portman as an insane (and I think food deprived) ballerina who loses her mind, Black Swan.

Ksenia Solo is a Latvian native who was raised in Canada and started acting at age 5.  She is now getting what may be her big break (depending if this show gets off the ground) as Kenzi, the human sidekick, in Showcase's new series Lost Girl.  It is about an underworld of human-like beings with weird powers.  We all know how I feel about stuff like this...I toss it into a big bucket with all the vampire, wolfman and mutant stories out there, shake them up and hope that they eat each other...but we also know that, for some reason, these types of shows make some people happier than a 300 pound man who was just given free reign at McDicks.  I don't understand it, but some people are freaky and some people can eat my weight in cheeseburgers.

I have seen the first episode and from what I can see it is something that those I-have-my-Buffy-tshirt-I-watch-True-Blood-on-Sundays-and-Stephanie-Meyer-is-my-Jesus types would go ape shit over. Of everyone, I prefer the human character thus I lean towards Ksenia who plays the human con artists that becomes friends with Bo, the main character and non-human mutant woman. Too much to get into so I will end there.

I obviously will be routing for her success as a talented young Canadian who looks like she has a bright future in front of her...but who knows, I think at one point they too thought that of Toronto native Corey Haim...

Just stay away from the white powder KS and you will be good to go.


Lost Girl premieres on Showcase this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT


  1. I love her playing Kenzi )) she is amazing! A am sure, she's gonna be a star soon.

  2. I could ignore all the snotty comments, looking down your nose at people, buffy Tshirt shit but naw, fuck it. Your a dick head. Go fuck yourself.

  3. Do you think she would be good for the role of Katniss in the Hunger Games movies? Somehow, when I read the first book, I pictured her from the start. I don't know. Maybe it was 'cause I just watched an episode of LUX when I read it. :)

  4. I think/feel she is absolutely + truly brilliant! She gives her Kenzi character such depth + personality. I'd say no doubt she's really 'goin' places' . So very well done, Ksenia!


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