Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Review: Eat Pray Love

When I first saw a preview for this movie I thought...this is going to be a movie about a rich betch who has a bunch of money and decides to travel around and "find herself."  Well I was basically right...except they didn't rub it in your face that she was loaded or anything, but she did manage to spend a year not working, traveling to different places all over the world while eating and drinking.

Julia Roberts did a good job of making this character be what I had assumed all along...a whiney annoying brat of a human who has the luxury of being able to f-ck off for an entire year while other people have to go work at shitty service industry jobs just to feed their 3 kids and pay the rent on their leaky apartment.  No Bali for those people, no giant pizza's in Italy and no meditating while thinking of absolutely nothing because these people have real problems...and no not running out on their hot husband and feeling sad about their existence.

So basically the premise of this movie pissed me off. The other things that pissed me off about it were as follows:
  1. Javier Bardem...what the f-ck is the big deal with this guy? He has a huge face that is not attractive and gross hair. Why is he always portrayed as the sexy foreign guy?  Also, what was with the mix tapes (like actually cassetts...I felt like I was taken back in time 15 years)?
  2. It was long. Why did I need to see 3 mini movies in one? I may have been able to handle a 1.5 hour movie that was this boring, but the ADHD kid in me started acting up before the movie was over.  
  3. When she walked into that temple in India, left her purse and went into pray. This is when I confirmed to myself that this movie was a bunch of lies...there is no way she could have left a purse in India unattended and it didn't get jacked. I have heard of people leaving their shoes out to go in and pray in CALGARY and they got taken by sticky fingers. So dont' even try to tell me that it would still be there in effing India.
2 hours and some minutes were taken from my life and I will never get them back. One thing I will say Elizabeth Gilbert, I am going to pass on your book...that is unless I need some paper for burning, then feel free to send me a box.

Verdict: 1.9 Stars


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  1. Ha ha, I think this is my favourite movie review so far. It made me laugh out loud. Mostly because you said Javier Bardem has a huge face. He does kind of look like a Muppet that way.


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