Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wipeout Callbacks Calgary Recap

The callbacks for Wipeout rolled through Calgary today and I was a guest judge. From Olympic medalists to your average joe the people of Alberta gave us some good contenders for the show.
Our very first audition of the day was Helen Upperton, 2010 Olympic bobsleigh silver medalist. It went down and uphill from there on...I feel like I went on a roller coaster of good and shitty people. I actually yawned at one guy...I felt kind of bad...but I was really tired.

There were some interesting costumes from the Calgary version of the "Naked Cowboy" which was a man in a black speedo wearing a cowboy hat, a girl dressed as Super Dave, and life sized teletubbies. We also got some gift (I think bribery works, but I don't know about today)...Firefighters calendar (yum), a playboy magazine (one of the girls was in it...), some cinnamon buns (sorry we told you we would eat them, we lied) and a pie (so nice of you...again, not eaten).
My favorite of the day was the Thong Man...we were very confused when he kept saying "I can swin, I can swim" and then proceeded to strip down to a thong (that didn't fit properly) and ran around showing us different swimming strokes...needless to say we sent him off without asking him any questions.

We had some pretty standard questions that we asked and we had some pretty standard answers...I think that is why I wanted to off myself some of the time. For example the most common answers for "What would you do with the $50,000?" were:
  • Go on a vacation
  • Pay off my debt
  • Rennovate my house
  • Give some to charity
Yeah...lame. There were some semi-good answers like
  • Turn it all into loonies and take my friends for a giant party to Chucky Cheese
  • By the most expensive calculator money can buy
  • Take my family to Vegas for a trip like "The Hangover" (no seriously...this guy had teenage kids...I wanted to ask him if he realized that those guys took the date rape drug and almost ruined their lives...but he was too pumped on life so I didn't)
But when it all came down to it...no one blew me away.
Good luck to everyone who came out today...I definitely went to bat for you if you were a hot guy and if you were funny, but I'm not gonna lie...I was indifferent to most of you and I said "meh" a lot. What can I say...I am difficult to impress.



  1. I would start buy investing some good money into Botox. So really, I only need a cool $500. Thats how much my dr. said it would cost to get rid of my stink eye look.
    I wish I was kidding!


  2. I am a funny hot guy who probably charmed you right out of your pants with my insane dance skills. Hope you went to bat for me. That would be awesome.

    Sexy Wipeout Wizard

  3. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D250Cu9jQEcg&h=2b5d1

    Incase you forgot just who the sexy wipeout wizard really is.

  4. hey jess my name is tyler i like watching wipeout on tv im 18 years old and i would love to take the challenge, just wondering where to sign up?? and wwhere it is lol, i live in bc

    you can reach my at ch3vrol3t_truckz@hotmail.com


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