Sunday, June 6, 2010

In Review: MTV Movie Awards

So did the MTV Movie Awards pass the test this year? The only thing I could remember from the past couple years was Interrupting Kanye...and that's it. So let's recap. The highlights and lowlights of the show were:

  • Ken Jeong winning "Best WTF Moment" for his naked jump out of the trunk in The Hangover...his acceptance speech was amazing. He almost cried and thanked his wife for making him go for the role after she survived breast cancer. So cute.
  • Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell interrupting Tom Felton the whole time he was trying to give his speech for winning Best Villain. Poor kid couldn't thank his mom. If it was anyone else I would have been annoyed, but seriously...Mark could punch a 7 year old girl and I would love it. Now that's loyalty.
  • Aziz Ansari was hosting...HILARIOUS. Seriously I don't remember the last time I actually really liked one of the hosts of the awards. He did a R Kelly interpretation singing the plot of Avatar and ending with F* you BP. His monologue was funny and his skits were great (I'll post them later).
  • Sandra Bullock accepting her lifetime achievement award and asking everyone if things could just go back to normal now. She is just so classy...there is nothing bad I can say about her.
  • Twilight obviously won everything...ugh, the pain. Robert Pattinson won Global Star and Best Actor. Kristen Stewart won Best Actor. Kristen and Rob won Best Kiss. Anna Kendrick won Breakout Star...even though it was for Up in the Air we all know it was because she was in Twilight. Twilight also won Best Movie. So on the awards front it was bunk as hell.
  • Katy Perry and her blue wig. I know it's cause she wore one in the music video for California Gurls...but I hated it.
  • Amanda Seyfried, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Anna Kendrick....someone needs to teach these kids how to do an acceptance speech. They were all so timid and awkward. Kristen may pass on the lessons as she will never win anything that isn't a Twilight related, fan voted, MTV award.
That's it. I've got nothing else.


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  1. I f-ing hate twilight.
    (ps. Kanye interupted the music awards, not the movie awards. Still makes him an ass.)


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