Tuesday, June 29, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Lake Shore Potential Cast Members get Ready!

Originally when Lake Shore was conceived it was supposed to be similar to Jersey Shore and focus on Persians from Toronto (they called it the Persian Version)....and it was to be called Tdot. Now the show has actually deviated from the Jersey Shore formula of a singular culture cast to a multi-cultured cast...how very Canadian of them.

Lake Shore is now the name of the show and after speaking to producer Maryam Rahimi I get what they are trying to do...sure you get controversy from putting a bunch of Italian people in a house, but how much more controversy would you get if you put a bunch of big personalities together from different backgrounds? Rahimi can, and she is expecting that those foundational differences will be the source of a lot of drama.

"Definite cultural clashes with these people that will raise a lot of controversial issues," says Rahimi.

Rahimi also wants this to be like no other reality show on the market. There will be no competition like Big Brother and there is no planned "job" for the housemates like Jersey Shore and the Real World. Maybe they just assume that the cast will always be hung over and will sleep through the day.

The plan is that they will send the group out to different parties that are culturally based. So an all Asian party or like the Jamaican party craze that Rahimi explained to me,

"A Passa Passa party is basically doing all kinds of sexual moves on the dance floor without...well 99% of the time, without penetration. Literally having sex while partying," explained Rahimi.

Well at first I thought that passa passa was referring to passing a joint around and I was thinking...um, you know that is illegal right? But then she explained it and I was like, "Oh so having sex in public, not smoking weed...less illegal."

If this is the goal of the party I am sure there will be some drama and some very good entertainment will come of it. I don't care if we see these kids selling t-shirts....I am sure they will have enough footage from the parties alone to keep audiences entertained.

A lot of the direction of the show depends on the cast - which has yet to be chosen. Casting will take place on the 16th and 17th of July in Toronto (click here for more information). The producers will be looking for people who outrageous, spontaneous, over the top and not afraid of the camera...so basically the Asian Snooki, Russian Snooki, Persian Snooki, Jamaican Snooki, Caucasian Snooki, Jewish Snooki etc.

They expect to start shooting sometime in the Fall or early next year. The idea for right now is that it will be shot in Toronto, but they are still flexible with location. I asked Rahimi when we could expect Lake Shore to invade our television sets and her hope is September 2011.


Note: For those of you that can't make it for casting they are accepting video auditions! Email N.Niaki@sunrisemultimedia.ca for more information.

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  1. lol the Asian Snooki, Russian Snooki, Persian Snooki, Jamaican Snooki, Caucasian Snooki, Jewish Snooki....lmao too funny


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