Monday, June 28, 2010

Drake's getting Sued by Playboy

Drake is getting sued by Playboy due to copyright infringement. I guess his song Best I Ever Had uses the music of some old song from 1975 that I have never heard of before called I'm Fallin in Love Again by Hamilton, Joe & Frank Reynolds.

Ok one...why does Playboy own the rights to this song...did they trade it for a night in the Playboy mansion? Two why would you lift the music note for note....that seems stupid to me. I listened to both songs and yeah they sound similar...but really.

If they were to win their case then they would essentially have to pull Drakes album from the shelves and reproduce it sans that one song. I feel like whoever laid down that beat is going to be in you REALLY think that Drake was listening to Hamilton, Joe and Frank....not likely.

Drake is friends with Baby Biebs...maybe if the Biebs gets his mom to pose for Playboy they will drop the know, since they wanted her anyways. Do it for a friend Biebs.


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