Sunday, June 6, 2010

Be on Jersey Shore Toronto: LAKESHORE

The dates and times have been finalized for auditions for the Toronto version of the MTV hit Jersey Shore.

The auditions are going to go like this...everyone who is auditioning is going to hit up this club, drink their faces off and then talk to the producers of the show. Fantastic! The cameras will be rolling after the auditions to capture the drama...which I am sure there will be tons from all the fame whores in attendance.

So if you live in the GTO RSVP at to set up an audition are the deets:

Date: July 16 & 17
Time 2 - 9PM (In email from casting director: "Cash bars are open during audition hours, to provide liquor courage.") HAHAHA
Place: Frequency NightClub (296 Richmond St. Toronto, ON. M5V 1X2)

Good luck everyone!


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