Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bachelorette....

Finally we say goodbye to Craig tonight. He was kept around for too long if you ask me. Boy was fug.

Here is the recap: The group goes to turkey. Ali gets a phone call from former Bachelor contestant Jessie from Toronto who has spoken to a girl who says she is Justin's girlfriend. Ali confronts Justin in front of everyone. He gets up and leaves and trys to escape the hotel grounds...but it is difficult and he ends up having to talk to her (that whole part was strange). He denies it and leaves anyways. They play voicemails left by him to his girlfriend. He says he loves her etc. Whatever, if Ali couldn't see that the guy was a total creep then she deserves it.

Date one goes to Ty. His head is too small for his body and his ears are just big. It was lame, he gets a rose. The group date has the guys fighting Turkish men while covered in olive oil. Weird. Craig wins wrestling match, gets a one on one. Ali was NOT feeling it. He thought she was.

Date two goes to Frank. They buy a rug and he carries it around the city. Poor Frank. They eat in a flooded room and Frank gets a rose (obviously). There will be no cocktail party tonight because Ali knows for sure who she is sending home. Craig gets the boot. He seems to be the only one who is surprised by this.

How is it that I can recap and ENTIRE show in three paragraphs and it takes them 2 hours to air it? Mind blowing.

The scenes from next week make it look like Frank is going to pull an Ali/Ed on Ali and leave. She cries.

I love Frank. He is the Reid of this season...and as we know - Chandler Bing never wins. If you don't get that reference it is because you weren't following this blog during Jillian's time on the Bachelorette. Your loss.

A couple notes: Roberto was looking fiiiine when they were wrestling. Kirk is getting to be more and more of a ginger every Monday and Chris had far too less air time this week. But that is ok cause then you know they are safe. I knew Craig was going home about half way through the show...I was thinking, "Oh he is getting waaaay to much air time to be staying on the show." One last thing, I can't stand Chris Harrison (the host).

And there is your Bachelorette Recap.


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