Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recap: Gleeeeee

Quote of the show:
"I spend my Friday nights making out with my cat watching Ghost Whisperer."

- girl from Spinster Club

Glee has finally returned after a long 4 months away! Was tonight as devastatingly awesome as I thought it would be? Well...no, but I was pretty sure that my head would burst from happiness and I am sitting here, head intact so lets just get right into it.

If you didn't watch tonight's episode don't read the recap...that would just be stupid.

Mr. Shue and Emma start dating. He finds out that she still has her V card and gets a little jumpy...then he makes out with the glee coach from the rival school. Emma and Mr. Shue break up at the end of the episode because Emma thinks that he needs to "find himself" since he was with Terri since he was 15. - Verdict: I thought they would last longer than one episode. Shoot, that was fast.

Finn and Rachel are dating at the beginning of the episode...a lot of people thought that they had missed something somewhere...but no. Finn decides that Rachel is kind of crazy and that he doesn't want to date her. (He then sings a song indicating that he still likes Quinn). Rachel goes to a music store and meets Jesse, the lead singer from the rival glee club, and they start dating. He is obviously playing her and she is to dumb to notice. Sue finds out and spreads the word. The other peeps in the glee club tell her that she needs to dump the boy or quit the club - conflict of interest. Rachel tells them she dumped the boy, but really they are just keeping it a secret. Verdict: Is there any question that this is going to blow up in Rachel's face? I still like her and Puck together the best.

Quinn is still Preggo. Verdict: No need to pollute the world with more babies just yet.

Kurt is still gay. Mercedes is still fat. And the Asian guy that does all the dancing still doesn't have a story line. Verdict: Give the kid a story line already.

Brittany and Santana are still getting played by Sue as she returns from her "suspension" after she drugs the principal and blackmails him into reinstating her. Sue is still as determined as ever to get rid of the Glee club. Verdict: Not enough Sue. I really need a new dose of Sue's Corner soon.

Puck is still hot. Verdict: Yum.

Well that's about it as far as a recap goes. It was a pretty good episode. None of the songs blew me away. I like the Rachel version of Gives You Hell by All American Rejects and Hello Goodbye by the Beatles.

Also...they get the slurpees in the face at the beginning of the episode. I am getting tired of this and I think to keep it new they should switch it up. Pudding? Coffee? Sunny Delight? You know...be creative.

I am glad that Glee is back. I am glad that she got reinstated (was there ever any doubt). And I am glad that the Madonna and Lady Gaga episodes are on there way!


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  1. Yeah I definitely thought Emma and Schue would last longer than ONE episode. I mean come on, there was so much build up to it. Also the Finn-Rachel storyline was rather lacklustre and could have done more.


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