Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dana's Daily: The Worst Radio Contest Ever

This is the most ridiculous radio contest ever...this chick was supposed to call her husband and pretend to tell him that his son was not his and get him to tell her that he still loves her...then he says....

Well I will just let you listen to the show. Wait until 5:45...

She did this all for Kanye West tickets...KANYE...SERIOUSLY!

I am in SHOCK. I also LOVE the radio host that is LAUGHING the entire one point he says "Well she didn't even technically win..." haha. OMG.

Some quotes from this longer version: How a Town Competition Ended a Marriage – Video

"I mean it was funny for us to hear...but it may have broken up a family." - Host.

"That kid is gonna grow up hating Kanye West." - Host.

This happened in Michigan....good Lord.



  1. Wow. File this one under stupid people that should've just given up a long time ago.

  2. Seriously this made my day. Thank you so much. If you're willing to hurt your husband (and this is a pretty big hurt) for tickets to a lame deserve to be cheated on with your sister.

  3. sick
    why listen to stupid radio with make fools of stupid people

  4. hahaha, fuckn biatch!

  5. oh dear god that poor girl that was sick joke but she didn't deserve to find out about that on a radio show


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