Saturday, December 12, 2009

Top 10 Christmas Songs

Christmas tunes are never ending after November 11...and usually the ones you are hearing are terrible, over played and annoying as hell. Especially those of you that work in retail, you know what I am saying. So here are some Christmas tunes that are dope and non-offensive to the ears (well my ears, and my taste is impeccable).

10. Thug Holiday - Trick Daddy
You need to get a lil gangsta during the holidays...I am pretty sure this music video has Trick Daddy knocking off a toy store and delivering toys to the kids...haha just kidding, but how dope would that be.

9. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Christina Aguilera
It's Christina...I just had to give her props.

8. Wonderful Christmas Time - Paul McCartney
This feels to me like the kind of song you would listen to while sitting on the beach sipping a margarita laughing inside at your friends who are heating up their cars in the -40 weather at home. I don't know why...but it makes me want to go somewhere warm.

7. White Christmas - Bing Crosby
This song makes me feel good about all the white powder on the ground. Cause it's supposed to be freezing cold and snowing on Christmas right? Eff you global warming, Bing says there is supposed to be snow at Christmas.

6. All My Bells Are Ringing - Lenka
The "Ooo ba ba" background singers make this song...and it's pretty and cute. Although I don't know why I picture an actual heart in the line "take my heart this Christmas, I'll wrap it in a ribbon and a bow"...yes I know, nice visual.

5. I'll Be Home for Christmas - Josh Groban
First of all this wouldn't be a Christmas song list with out the Grobe...his Noel CD was on Oprah's Favorite Things list one year for crying out loud. I just like this song because of the soldiers talking at the beginning about not being home for Christmas, gets me every time.

4. River - Sarah McLachlan
A Joni Mitchell remake...better than the original, I think, and superb. That's two Canadians for all of you that missed that...PERFECTION.

3. Christmas is All Around - Billy Mack
On of my favorite Christmas songs from one of my favorite Christmas was meant to be. Love Actually starts off with the fictional character Billy Mack, played by Bill Nighy, singing this song. Brilliant.

2. That Spirit of Christmas - Ray Charles
Ray is dope. I could end there...but I will also add that this is the song that was played when Clark Griswald gets stuck in the attic in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and watches films from his it.

1. Maybe This Christmas - Ron Sexsmith
I don't really have to explain to you why this song is my favorite Christmas just need to listen and then you would know. I promise. Listen.



  1. Definitely endorse your list. Particularly Sarah McLachlan, Paul McCartney, Billy Mack and Ray Charles. The rest of, gonna look up and have a listen!

  2. Have you ever heard "Back Door Santa"? It's by Clarence Carter. IT's a lost classic.

    "They call me back door Santa...I make all the little girls happy, while all the boys are out to play."


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