Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jim Carrey on the Riots

Everyone is talking about the Vancouver riots today. Even the hos on The View were talking about it. Hockey, now that's a new one for hot topics.  Of course any Canadian celebrity being interviewed today was almost definitely going to be asked to weigh in on the outrageous behaviour from last night. Lucky for us Jim Carrey is out promoting something and stopped by Regis and (some chick I have never seen before).

First he does the side step around the fact that he is not a Canucks fan...cause you know what happens when you piss them off. He admits that he's been a fan of the black and yellow since the days of Bobby Orr...and no one ever fights that cause Orr is a legend.

His thoughts behind what caused the riots..."It's a mixture of low self esteem and Molson Canadian."  Until yesterday I thought Vancouverites were more classy than Molson, but I was obviously wrong.


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