Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Rock Eddies 2011: BEST WORST DRESSED!

June 7, 2011

The Eddies were my heaven...people dressed up like complete lunatics just waiting for me to make fun of them. Such little effort on my part.

So here are some of the top outfits from the 2011 Big Rock Eddies. Unfortunately I have no real life identity for any of these people...which means, you will have to find people on your own for your freaky fetishes.

The Austin Powers crew. How cute...I totally forgot that it was 1997 when that would have been considered cool or even relevant. It may have been legit if they had a real midg playing mini-me. Did not see one at this event.
These broads actually made me show them my media pass to get my picture taken with them. After I showed them they were all 'model pose' with their little hats. Who do they think they are? A douchey celebrity that won't take a photo with a fan? Lame.

Oh dear LORD what is around my neck?! That better not be real fur. Please note the bag of sausage placed strategically on the man on the lefts groin. WTF. I was sandwiched between these two weirdos...I need to go take a shower.

I think the point of this one was to get in and out as quickly as possible. People dressed like animals frighten hear that Ke$ha, you freaky bitch.

Lady Gaga inspired me for this photo. There had to be something crazy in this photo...come on people, ANYONE can throw on a mask. Look at the guy on the Bachelorette...everyone has one. Over it.

Ginger Spice called, she wants her dress back. The bar manager called and wants his staff to get back to work. And the Asian tourists called and said they want us to stop using their pose.

Just a stop off in Germany, no big deal. Is it just me or did that guy bring his own cup to the event. Now that is one serious drinker.

I think the only thing for me to do in response to this outfit was to I did.

Best dressed of the night...also the least dressed. Just a speedo and a painted on tux...he said it took hours to apply the paint. Oh Gawd, that is a lot of effort to put into an outfit that people are just going to end up spilling beer on it.  I stuck my business car in his's not like he had anywhere else to put it.

And there you have it...the weirdest, grosses, and dumbest costumes of the 2011 Eddie Awards. 


Photo Credit: Jen C

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