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Interview: Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith of Rookie Blue - May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013 - Gregory Smith and Missy Peregrym were on a press tour prior to the premiere of Season 4 of Rookie Blue. I had a chat with them during their stop in Calgary.

Jes: You guys are done filming season 4 right?

Missy: Yeah. We've been done for a while, we finished at the end of January.

J: Last season was really dramatic, like Grey's Anatomy style dramatic, just sayin'. Really emotional. Do you think we can expect the same kind of roller coaster of emotional this season as last?

Gregory: Yeah, I think so...

M: I'm thinking about what happened. wasn't like "What do we say" I was just trying to remember. Um, yeah it's just different.

Jerry was a really big deal. To have him die on the show was huge for everybody on the show, not just the fans. It was a big deal for the cast and that kind of rocked everybody because we didn't know that was gonna happen until a week before we started filming. So that also sucked for us because that means we can't work with him anymore. We essentially lost like a family member and the writers really struggled with that - whether that was the right thing to do.

This year, three people die. So it's kind of....

G: Ha ha

M: Ha ha, it's a lie, that's really not true.

J: Are you really joking? 

M: I swear to God I'm joking, three people do not die. It's dramatic in a different way. It changes the dynamic of our division.

G: There are also more loose ends this year, probably.

M: Yeah there is. And we're different...I don't know, I don't know. It's a different season than we've ever done before. I can't tell you anything so I'm trying really hard to give you something. What was the question?

J: Is it going to be as emotional as last season?

G: Yeah, I'd definitely say as emotional, but know, I think it's more higher stakes and more emotional throughout the entire season, where as last year there was this one swell of emotion. I mean, there was one particular kind of thing and this year I just think it is high stakes throughout the whole season.

M:That's a good answer.

G: Thanks, it's true.

J:, we talked about Jerry dying - so thanks for going over my next question.

G/M: Ha ha

J: And you found out he was going to die a week before.

M: Yeah.

J: Hard times.

M: Totally.

J: Did he know before that?

M: No he found out a little bit before we did.

G: I don't even think the writers...

M: But they gave him and iPad so he's pretty lucky.

G: But weren't they like trying to decide what they were going to do and they didn't decide until...

M: Yeah, they didn't know til last minute, because it's such a big deal to do that and to pick...they probably had to evaluate every character and what it would potentially do to the story lines and I think it was, uh, I think they all kind of struggled over that decision.

And then got a bunch of flack from it, you know, everyone really gave them a hard time about it.

G: I couldn't show my face in public for like a week.

M: Well that's just because you were drinking so much.

G: Ha ha.

M: That was such a terrible joke, that was a bad joke - don't write that in there.

G: No, but seriously! People were yelling at me.

M: That's crazy.

G: I remember one night, it was the Saturday night after that episode aired and I was riding my bike through downtown and I would stop at lights and people in their cars were like, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU KILLED JERRY! WHY?!" And I was like," I..I...I didn't write it."

J: But that means people are connecting with the show.

M: Which is why it was a great decision. It's hard and difficult and a brave thing to do.

J: If nobody cared I'd be worried.

M: Right.

G: Yeah, yeah - people really cared. One lady saw me eating in a restaurant by myself and she came in and sat down at my table with me and grilled me for twenty minutes as to why they killed Jerry.

M: Really?

G: Yeah.

M: Did you tell her?

G: Well I told her, I didn't really....

M: Twenty minutes of that?

G: Ha was a very kind of repetitive conversation.

M: Ha ha. Yeah sounds like it....

J: Awkward...OK, so they killed off, essentially maybe one of your friends. Is there a camaraderie on set? Can you kind of explain the dynamic between the cast?

M: It's been the same since day one. This is something that you can't plan. It's always a risky thing when you start a new project and you sign on you have no idea who you're really going to be working with. It could go either way and this is one of the best shows I've ever been a part of just because of the way everybody clicks...

G: Not just the actors...

M: The writers, crew, producers - everybody. Everybody has this collaborative attitude which I think translates in the show and we have a lot of fun.

Honestly we're morons and we really enjoy that about ourselves on set. So that's why it sucked to lose Noam, you know. When he wasn't a part of that any more, you know I think that was the hardest part. He dies on the show, he dies in our lives too...

G: I mean, not exactly, we just don't see him quite as often.

M: I'm still grieving.

J: Have any of you guys ever worked together before?

G: Charlotte and I did a movie called Harriet the Spy together in like 1994.

M: Don't know if you've heard of it.

J: Oh I totally saw that movie.

G/M: Ha ha

G: Travis and I have done a movie together.

M: We didn't know each other.

G: Yeah, we didn't know each other. Oh, Lyriq and I did a movie together. I've worked with quite a few of the people. Yeah.

M: Helps when you start when you are born.

G: Ha ha.

J: So, who of the cast is least like the character that they play?

M: Charlotte and Gail. That contrast is so extreme. Charlotte is one of the nicest people, very thoughtful. Pretty quite. I mean she is loud when she is being goofy and she has a really loud laugh, but she is so different. I don't know, I think that's the most extreme, no?

G: Yeah. Well, Lyriq and Frank. They're pretty different.

M: Yeah, they're pretty different. How would you like to explain that?

G: I didn't really have any followup.

M: Don't put that in then, that's a boring answer. Missy - 1. Greg - 0.

J: Well I did like his 'getting badgered on the street by people story'.

M: That's a good one, that can stay.

G: So, I think you should say it's a tie.

M: Fine. 1-1. Noted.

J: I like this competition, it's good. Moving into your own...

(Missy grabs paper and makes a score card. M - 1, G - 1)

J: Oh, we're really getting into this competition business. Um, so moving into your actual characters. (Looks at Greg) You didn't have the best luck last season, right?

G: Yeah.

J: So, does it get better for you this season?

G: Um, yeah I mean. I think the writers kind of love to torment Dov, so you know, his luck is always kind of bad. It's always good and bad.

You know it's fun because he started off as an enthusiastic character and he was so excited to be a cop and that is a perfect set up to knock somebody down a couple of rungs. So....

M: It's more comedic this year.

G: Yeah?

M: Yeah, your luck is for my entertainment.

G: It's definitely a lighter story line this year.

M: You laugh, you can't help it.

J: So you're not getting beat up on the side of the road?

G: Um, no. Not in the show.

J: Ha ha, not in the show.

M: Which he directed himself....

G: Yeah, that scene where I got beat up I directed that scene cause I directed that episode.

J: So you were just like, 'Beat the crap out of me'?

G: Yeah, I was like, "Hit me harder, hit me harder!"

M: Ha ha ha.

G: "HARDER!...OK cut."

J: Are you actually telling the truth right now? Cause we know that you guys are not always truthful.

M: No, but he's serious.

J: OK.

G: You can look it up.

J: Like IMDB. "IMDB that!"

M: Ha ha

J: Ha ha, so - at the end of last season, you directed yourself getting beat up for seeing the sister of the guy you shot, so...this is done right?

G: That story line with Crystal?

J: Yeah.

G: Yes, yeah.

J: Thank God. That was ridiculous.

G: Ha ha


J: Character flaws make your characters human, is there any point when you were shooting season 4, or any of the seasons where you are reading the script and you are like "Seriously? My character does this? Go jump off a bridge."

M: Yes, that has happened to me. But, this is what is so great about our show is that we can actually just go and talk to the writers and kind of discuss why we feel it should go into a different direction. Or, you know, say how we really feel about it.

There was a situation with Luke and Andy, remember when he cheats on her and you know that basketball scene was originally just us talking and Andy was not very strong in that scene at all. She actually got a ride from him to the division and she was originally gonna pinky swear...just, um. It was very soft considering the circumstances and I have been cheated on.

I was like, "Um, if I could just...take a minute here" and talk about how I felt the last time, you know what I mean and I expressed how upsetting it would be to be in that position and kind of what I'd rather see.

There intention was that they wanted Andy to have a heart of gold, it doesn't matter what happens to her she's still gonna look out for the other people and try to keep everything together. I understood that, but at the same time I was like, she can't be a push over like this. You have to see her freak out a little bit or at least stand her ground to some degree over the situation.

They were very cool about that and we...I am very proud of the scene and Steve DiMarco who is the director, also let us...we just kind of made it up a little bit and he had some great visual ideas for it. It is one of my favorite scenes now.

Is that what you meant?

J: Yeah.

G: Uhhhh. Missy 2.

M: Thanks pal.


J: He's like, "How do I best that? I can't do it."

G: Uh, yeah - no I can't. Ha ha.

J: This is good, because it kind of segues into my next question for you (to Missy). For Andy, some would say her flaw is her resiliency to stay positive in so many unfortunate situations. Do you think it is more of a flaw or a positive trait?

M: I think it's 50/50. I think it's great to be empathetic. I think it's one of her skill sets as a police officer, but I think if you have that without boundaries that's a problem. That's something that we'll kind of see her develop a little bit personally this year.

And, I don't know she also wants to...if she's passionate about something she'll do whatever she can to get it. That's where her and Sam are very similar. That's why they banter back and forth. This year it becomes an issue a little bit. Andy can't just take whatever she wants and she has to kind of sit back and accept some of the changes in the division.

Also Sam's new position as detective - ALL OF A SUDDEN, you know, the guy who was breaking all the rules. You know the very first show we had I was kind of sick and I was like, "Well you just make up all the rules and he's like "Yup" ...basically, I'm paraphrasing. And then you know, this year he's by the book and he's doing everything right and he's so intentional with everything and it's driving me crazy because I'm like "What?"...So now I'm the one who's kind of breaking off and doing my own thing.

J: Do you think we are ever going to see Andy reach her breaking point and completely derail?

M: I would hope. I think, I mean it is kind of crazy the things that she's dealt with - it's pretty intense. I think it would be really interesting to see some serious consequence to some of the stuff that she's dealt with.

I don't know how, but I really do trust the writers to take her on that journey if that's where it should go.

J: Now we must talk love triangles. 

M: OK.

J: Andy Luke. Andy Sam. Now Andy Nick?

M: Maybe, I don't know.

J: OK, let's be real.

M: Ha ha ha

J: I've seen the trailers for this next season. 

M: How do you know we weren't undercover?

J: Well you were like in a bathroom stall or something.

M: Different character.

J: Ugh. Dammit.

M: Nice try. That was good though, smooth.

J: I tried. Anyways...

G/M: Ha ha ha

J: Backing up a little bit. Do you think Andy and Luke will ever get back together?

M: No.

J: Dammit.

M: Sorry, but what is crazy is that people were really upset that Andy left Luke and really wanted them together. And I'm like "Hello, he totally cheated on her and gave him someone elses ring." I think you just move on from that situation.

It blew my mind that people were on his side. No offense to Eric, he's a great guy.

J: It's cause he's attractive.

G: Ha ha.

M: Looks aren't everything!

J: I'm just saying! I am giving you a reason, calm down.

M/G: Ha ha ha.

J: OK, you're not telling me...hum, your not telling me that Nick and Andy...they were undercover blah blah blah, whatever.

M: I just can't say that it's a love triangle.  But obviously there's a connection because you know we've worked together for six months. We are playing girlfriend and boyfriend. We had a friendship in season three. So there's a base there and it's complicated.

J: There's like no longevity in this thing right?

M: I don't know.

J: OK, so six months later, you've been undercover - what are some of the biggest changes we're gonna see?

G: Dov is celebate. It's a big change.

M: Big changes. Ha ha


M: Um, we have two new characters that are going to be joining us this season so the dynamic in the division is different already.

Um, it's a bit tough for Andy to come back. She thought she was gonna just be in step exactly how things were when she left. She gets back and Sam has moved on professionally and personally and you know what, I kind of think Andy just...

- This is where it gets really weird doing interviews by the way, because I'm just talking like it's me because I'm that passionate about it, but I really am talking about Andy, but I really feel for her. -

So here's the thing. She did not take this undercover mission so that she could get back at Sam or be an idiot. So took it because she was choosing to do something for herself, to grow herself. To stop making decisions around relationships or the men in her life. There's something real and powerful with her and Sam so she just kind of assumes that when she gets back we'll figure it out from there, but maybe space is good.

No one knew that it was going to be six months that we were gonna be gone, we just said yes we'll do the mission. And she also didn't know it was going to be with Nick. So when we come back I think it's a total blow, what she finds when she gets back. There is nothing she can do about it, she kind of just has to be the bigger person ans just deal with it. There's some conflict there...

J: Do you think Luke put you with Nick to get back at Sam?


J: Why are you laughing?! That's a legit question!

M: You know what, it is. Maybe.

J: What a douche.

M: Maybe.

G: Ha ha.

M: But I don't know that he really knew because was he around that much in the division to know that there could be a, cause technically...

J: Well, Nick is hot. Just sayin.

M: He's with Gail! Just sayin.

J: But..Gail's kind of a bitch...

M: I know they had complications...HA HA HA. Just sayin, some guys are into that.

G: Into what?

M: Bitches.

J: Ha ha

M: Your word not mine!

J: It's true I did say that, but I did kind of say it under my breath....So the new people, they're girls right?

M: Uh huh.

J: (To Greg) So are you gonna hook up with either of these female cops? Like, I'm really routing for your character. You just like...are not succeeding in life.

M: HA ha ha

G: Um yeah. It's true.

M: In every way.

G: So yeah, let's see. There's two new characters. I'm not

M: Struggling, struggling to answer here.

G: What was the...

M: Are you gonna hook up with any of the new ones? It's complicated. It really is complicated seriously. Um...

J: What are you like related to them or something, then just say no. 


G: No, um...I definitely think there is a spark between Chloe and Dov, is complicated because, she's a...

M: No. No. Don't. Can you say it?

G: No I guess not. It's complicated.

M: Gotcha.

J: Almost one for Jes, but no.

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