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Bobcat Goldthwait. Answers the Regular Randoms

MARCH 19, 2011

Guilty Pleasure
UFOs. I also like true murder programs. BB Guns...occasionally me and my friends will shoot each other bare butted.  (I asked what he was referring to by "murder programs"...Like CSI or Murder she Wrote.  "Murder she Wrote? How old so you think I am!?")

Crazy Fan Moment
A woman that came up to me and said "I heard your brother died, I have cancer, would you like me to say hello to him?" She was clearly trying to get some play. It was weird being hit on by someone who was using her cancer. She did look hot...she was super super thin. (Um, this is the most disturbing story I have ever heard)

Fave Song
I am listening to a lot of Alice Cooper right now because of the movie. The young girl in it is actually obsessed with Alice Cooper. (Alice ok.)

If you could be on any reality show what would it be?
I have been asked to be on a couple, the only one that I thought "maybe i should do that" was Celebrity Fit Club. Sure it's embarrassing, but maybe I can lose a couple lbs. (He was asked to do that Celebrity Circus show...f-ck that would have been rad.)

Celebrity Crush
I have guy celebrity crushes. George Clooney. Clooney never f-cks up. The guy f-cken helped paparazzi when they had a flat tire. Clooney can't f-ck up. I had a What Would Clooney Do t-shirt for a while. (I would like a "What Would Clooney Do" t-shirt.)

Hidden Talent
BB gun. I am a crazy sharp shooter when it comes to the BB gun. (So was my brother...when he was 10.)


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